What You Should Know when Choosing a Team of Removalists

Perth Removal Company

Maybe you have to spend a lot of time researching doctors before undergoing a medical procedure that could change your entire life, but should you really bother finding and comparing providers of removalist services before relocating to another city? We really think that you should. Here’s why.

As simple and straightforward as it may seem, a move can be a costly and stressful process, regardless of the time frame and distance that it involves. This is why you should plan every single detail of your upcoming relocation in advance, and take as much time as you need to look for competent, professional removalists in your area. If you’re interested in simplifying the selection process, here are three key aspects that you should focus on before drafting and signing a contract with a moving company.

Is The Removalist Company Reliable?

Start by asking questions related to the reputation of each company that you stumble across. Do they have what it takes to work with you within your established budget and time frame? Do they employ punctual, courteous workers, or do they hire amateurs who could make you wait for the van in front of your house for hours?

When searching for a reliable removalist company you should always give them a call and see what their customer services is like. This will give you a good indication of the quality of service they offer. I recently done this for a my chosen Perth Removalist, Perth Removalists WA with great results that lead to me choosing them for my move.

To find the most accurate answer to these questions simply go online and start looking for feedback and testimonials provided by previous clients. Also, as tempting as it may be to just book removal services online, make time for a face-to-face meeting before signing on the dotted line; this way, you will be able to follow your first instinct and choose the best team of removalists not only based on what they offer on paper, but also based on the way in which you interact with the people who are supposed to handle your personal effects.

Finding the best removalists

Are They Affordable?

Naturally, you should never overlook the financial aspect of your move, especially considering that a fresh start in a new dwelling will always trigger a series of unpredictable expenses. Therefore, discuss all the details of your relocation with your preferred removalists and make sure you get the best quote. Before your meeting with the moving company representatives you will have to know the size and type of your move (interstate, local or regional), the type of contents that you have to deliver, your preferred packing arrangements (self-packing, or packing with help from removalists), plus the moving dates that would work best for you.

Are They Really Offering You a Good Deal?

Last but not least, do everything in your power to make sure that you squeeze more value from every small service that you pay for. For instance, why pay full-price for full service, when back-loading is a viable option worth considering? Sometimes, you could make the most of a advantageous moving arrangement by opting for a standard plan and counting on the support of friends and family who could help you pack and unpack your things.

At the end of the day, you should choose the level of service that makes more sense to you from a practical and financial point of view, and customise each feature to meet your specific needs and expectations.

Home Decor Storage For Seasonal Renovation

Storing Home Decor while renovating

Every season has it’s own colour scheme and symbolism and homeowners like you enjoy celebrating each turn with new home decor that puts you in the spirit of every holiday the seasons come with. All of those items take up space, though, and storing them can become a hassle when your home has a finite amount of storage space. Let’s face it, you’re not going to put an extension on the house just for storing seasonal home decor items. Every time you renovate your home or use new decorations to make your home brighter, you can do so with the idea that you’re not cluttering up your home again.

Temporary Renovations

Seasonal decor items are the types of decoration that may require a bit of temporary renovation. Instead of worrying about the holes you’ll put in the walls or stripping paint off of areas where you use adhesives, learn how to temporarily renovate each time so that you don’t put extra wear and tear on your home.

  • Keep some spackle handy. You can use it to fix holes that you put into the walls with home decor items or if any accidents happen when moving things around
  • The paint you used on your walls might be a custom made colour. Have some extra on hand so that you can touch up paint that chips or is damaged.
  • Invest in some furniture sliders. They slip underneath the legs of furniture to move them easily without scratching up floors
  • Look into buying a carpet steamer or floor buffer. While your moving things around for seasonal decoration, you can take the opportunity to refresh the floors as well.

Changing the little things may also make you want to change some bigger things as time goes by. If you have the tools and skills you need, you can do a lot of the renovation on your own.

Storing Seasonal Items

While you may not be willing to build an extension onto your home to store your seasonal home decor items, you might consider renting a storage space. Doing this means packing up and organising the different items you use for each seasonal turn. There are a few tips to follow for storing these items in a locker away from your home:

  • Use plastic storage bins instead of cardboard boxes that can be sealed and reused year after year.
  • Label each box appropriately and clearly or use colour-coded boxes for the different seasons.
  • Choose a storage facility that uses temperature-controlled units to keep your items safe while they’re in storage.
  • Protect family heirlooms and breakable items with bubble wrap and paper as well as packing them carefully before you put them in storage.
  • Be careful how you stack boxes in the storage locker. Always put heavier items on the bottom and the lighter and more fragile items on top.

Stay Updated on Home Decor and Renovation Trends

A savvy decorator like you wants to be able to keep up with what’s trendy and renovate your home in the most updated styles. Follow home decor blogs online and talk to friends who also love to decorate about what’s new in the world of renovations, even if they’re only temporary. You’ll have a never ending supply of inspiration for your imaginative and creative home decor projects for every season.