Caring for Trees and Shrubs in your Garden: A couple of tips

For most of us, the joy of having our own gardens comes from being able to watch as seasonal changes transform the landscape, in a continuous cycle that, at once, can be both joyous and bit frightening. Caring for the trees and shrubs that are in your garden does not, however, need to be stressful. Nature grows, blooms and withers and, through it all, you can set your mind at ease by following these tips and tricks;

Watering your Trees

Watering is, without doubt, one of the most important aspects of taking care of the trees and shrubs that are in your garden. The major challenge in this regard is the fact that there are so many variables. Seasons, as we have already pointed out, change, while various types of trees require different quantities of water.

Even trees of the same type require various amounts of water, depending on age, location, soil type and other factors. The one thing that you need to know is that you should water younger trees much more frequently than mature trees. In general, younger trees need to be watered at least twice a week.

A Drip System

Older trees have well developed roots, which gives them the ability to reach well into the ground in search for water. They do, however, require a deeper watering method. That is why the most recommended method of watering mature trees involves use of the drip method. This allows water to trickle down to the depths where mature tree roots can be found.  

Signs of over watering

Giving your trees too much water tends to be just as damaging as under watering them. The common sign that there is something wrong in this regard usually involves a yellowing of your tree’s leaves. Over watering often results in the development of fungus and root rot. In any case, you can make sure that this never happens by adopting some of the revolutionary garden tech that has been developed over the past few years. You can, as an example, set up a system that’s linked to your phone via Bluetooth and that tells you when your plants need watering.

Removing Dead Trees

Dead tree branches in your yard can, if left unattended, end up becoming a health hazard. That is especially concerning should you have children. What you do not want to do is have a branch fall down while children are playing in your yard.

We also all know that children tend to be over-adventurous. Should they try to climb a tree that has dead branches, there is a high chance that they will fall and injure themselves.

It is important, therefore,  for you to make sure that all dead branches are removed from the trees that are in your yard. Not only is this an essential safety precaution, but doing so is also important for aesthetic reasons. Let’s face it, dead tree branches do tend to be an eyesore. So, how do you remove dead branches from your trees?

Hiring professionals

Your first choice when it comes to removing dead branches from the trees that are in your backyard involves hiring the services of professional arborists. This is really the way to go if you are not sure about the work that is involved, local council laws and proper techniques. In most locations, the help that you need to hire in order to accomplish this task is only a phone call away. For professional tree lopping and removal in Melbourne we use Trav’s team of trusted tree removal experts.

Doing it yourself

For DIY enthusiasts, removing dead trees a nd tree branches from the backyard can be turned into another exciting weekend project. You do, however, need to make sure that you, as we have already stated, know what you are doing.  Otherwise there is a high possibility that you will injure yourself in the process.