Adding Shutter To Your Windows Can Save Money

Do you feel like you’re getting a shock each time you look at your electric bill? They are soaring and giving homeowners headaches. But this doesn’t need to happen because a little research on window treatments will give you simple ways to help lessen some of the costs. And the best part is, it doesn’t take a great deal of renovation.

Roller Shutter Installation

Why do we consider window treatments?

The design and location of your windows can help your home have natural light cutting down on lighting costs. Add to it some window coverings so costs will be lessened even more. In wintertime, you can lower heating costs with the correct window treatments and be warm and toasty. While in summertime, your window treatments should keep warm air out to lower air conditioning usage.

Consider some of these:

Which one to choose?

  1. Awnings – If your windows are facing South or West, then put awnings to reduce heat by up to 75% during summer. Today’s awnings are manufactured with synthetic fabrics that are water-proof to resist mildew. In winter, retractable awnings allow sunlight in to naturally heat a room. Light-coloured awnings will reflect more sunlight than darker colours.
  2. Shades – They are the simplest and most effective energy saver. Dual shades are more efficient for heat reflection on one side (the lighter colour) and on the other side, for heat absorption (the darker colour) and can be reversed on different seasons. The reflective side should face the warmest side. There are so many shade styles and designs to choose from that are both pleasing to the eyes and highly functional.
  3. Blinds – They come in different kinds like pleated, Venetian or Roman, or vertical. They all prevent heat from entering your home. Interior blinds are attached inside the house and are useful during summer when you can control the amount of sunlight coming in. The exterior blinds are made of aluminium, steel, or a combination of both and wood. If partially lowered, it can give enough shade and regulate the temperature and atmosphere inside your room.
  4. Shutters – Shutters give you many advantages. They give your home a higher resale value because of its beauty. They also are good at allowing sunlight and air inside the house. Roller shutters can be interior or exterior, but for great thermal use, install the exterior ones. If properly designed and installed, these exterior roller shutters will give you great window insulation and provide protection from storms. For the interior shutters, place them in areas where you can adjust them during daytime. You can have a combination of roller shutters and draperies for added insulation.

By choosing the right window treatment, energy usage will be maximised at a lower cost. But you need to identify the right one for you that will suit your home and your budget. It’s really not that hard but if you do need help, you can always call the experts to help transform your home into an energy efficient and cosy abode without spending a fortune each month.

Closed Roller Shutters

If your looking to save money, this is a great way to achieve it. Keeping the sun out in the hotter months, and the warmth in over the colder insures your gas and electricity bills don’t get to high.

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