Caring for Trees and Shrubs in your Garden: A couple of tips

For most of us, the joy of having our own gardens comes from being able to watch as seasonal changes transform the landscape, in a continuous cycle that, at once, can be both joyous and bit frightening. Caring for the trees and shrubs that are in your garden does not, however, need to be stressful. Nature grows, blooms and withers and, through it all, you can set your mind at ease by following these tips and tricks;

Watering your Trees

Watering is, without doubt, one of the most important aspects of taking care of the trees and shrubs that are in your garden. The major challenge in this regard is the fact that there are so many variables. Seasons, as we have already pointed out, change, while various types of trees require different quantities of water.

Even trees of the same type require various amounts of water, depending on age, location, soil type and other factors. The one thing that you need to know is that you should water younger trees much more frequently than mature trees. In general, younger trees need to be watered at least twice a week.

A Drip System

Older trees have well developed roots, which gives them the ability to reach well into the ground in search for water. They do, however, require a deeper watering method. That is why the most recommended method of watering mature trees involves use of the drip method. This allows water to trickle down to the depths where mature tree roots can be found.  

Signs of over watering

Giving your trees too much water tends to be just as damaging as under watering them. The common sign that there is something wrong in this regard usually involves a yellowing of your tree’s leaves. Over watering often results in the development of fungus and root rot. In any case, you can make sure that this never happens by adopting some of the revolutionary garden tech that has been developed over the past few years. You can, as an example, set up a system that’s linked to your phone via Bluetooth and that tells you when your plants need watering.

Removing Dead Trees

Dead tree branches in your yard can, if left unattended, end up becoming a health hazard. That is especially concerning should you have children. What you do not want to do is have a branch fall down while children are playing in your yard.

We also all know that children tend to be over-adventurous. Should they try to climb a tree that has dead branches, there is a high chance that they will fall and injure themselves.

It is important, therefore,  for you to make sure that all dead branches are removed from the trees that are in your yard. Not only is this an essential safety precaution, but doing so is also important for aesthetic reasons. Let’s face it, dead tree branches do tend to be an eyesore. So, how do you remove dead branches from your trees?

Hiring professionals

Your first choice when it comes to removing dead branches from the trees that are in your backyard involves hiring the services of professional arborists. This is really the way to go if you are not sure about the work that is involved, local council laws and proper techniques. In most locations, the help that you need to hire in order to accomplish this task is only a phone call away. For professional tree lopping and removal in Melbourne we use Trav’s team of trusted tree removal experts.

Doing it yourself

For DIY enthusiasts, removing dead trees a nd tree branches from the backyard can be turned into another exciting weekend project. You do, however, need to make sure that you, as we have already stated, know what you are doing.  Otherwise there is a high possibility that you will injure yourself in the process.

Important upgrades to add to your bathroom renovation.

Great Design and Style for Bathroom Makeover

Remodelling your home can take a lot of time and effort until you finish. The outcome can be so exciting every time you see the progress of making over your bathroom. A bathroom makeover truly gives a great impact towards achieving your comfort level. As you are reaching for bathroom ideas and perhaps browse photos or looking at a home depot magazine, it is important that you only choose the kind and types of bathroom items that are essential in meeting your needs. Keep in mind that there is also a need for any limitation of the space that includes the desired materials and above all the costs of having your bathroom done by a professional contractor.

Determining the needs of your bathroom makeover.

Understanding a bathroom layout can be very tricky most especially if you have the type of bathroom that has limited space. However, anything that you have decided for your bathroom really depends on how you’re going to design and style everything. For example, if you and your family doesn’t use a bathtub and prefers the use of a walk-in shower must be done. Another example, consider the space that you have in your home. in this way, you are certain that you can only put the type of bathroom essential base on your needs.


Considering an additional storage.

If you think you’ll need more storage, this implies that you’ll have to plan out the interior of your bathroom. This should have its own floor plan so that you will know where you’re going to place any additional storage for toiletries and another important usage for the bathroom. Examples of an additional storage such as cabinets and drawers. However, it would be best as well for you to limit adding more stuff so as to maintain a minimalistic style in your bathroom.

Materials that can be useful for the bathroom makeover.

Since most bathroom layouts are almost of the same standard, it is better for you to start getting on some interesting designs and styles for your bathroom. The key point is to make your bathroom a better place for convenience and comfort. For example, of choosing materials such as floor tiles. There are indeed so many types of floor tiles for you to choose and this can be very challenging such as using of a granite or stone flooring if you want to have a shower.

How to start decorating?

Getting the job well done is basically because you hired a reputable contractor to do all of the efforts for you. Although not all home projects can be done by yourself such as plumbing and water pipes. It needs a skilled contractor to do the task. Decorating makes the entire bathroom add sense to your convenience. To add more vibrant in the space is to typically have it painted with an extra artwork. Bathroom furniture such as a vanity dresser is mostly the popular design and style that is added to the bathroom.

To ensure that all things are meant for you good, always put safety first at all times in doing a bathroom makeover. For more info on bathroom renovations, check out my post where I share tips from the most sort after Gold Coast plumber.

Bathroom Renovation Tips provided by Gold Coast Plumbers

Renovating Bathrooms

Taking on a bathroom improvement project is an incredible feat of time, materials management, and perseverance to create the intended vision. Of all renovations to tackle, a bathroom makeover requires special attention because plumbing presents a whole host of specific issues. Plumbers at Gold Coast recommend asking plenty of various, necessary questions when imagining the project.

Bathroom Renovations in the Gold Coast

What to Consider when Beginning a Plumbing Involved Project

When you begin a project like this it is important to ask all the right questions first. What kind of layout is required? Who will be using this bathroom? How will this bathroom be used? Will there be separated bath areas? Is it only a half-bath? Bathroom designs are crucial to configure before ever getting started. If the space is limited, it is good to know how far resources may be stretched. Gold Coast Plumbing provides some of the best materials and insight to jobs like this as well as a line of professionals to assist with any challenging bathroom renovations.

Common Plumbing Obstacles

Gold Coast plumbers are mightily experienced with obstacles that commonly present themselves during renovations. Some of these obstacles are as simple as meeting code requirements. A plumber from Gold Coast notes that this is often forgotten. As professionals in the industry they take into account the plumbing requirements that must be met in order for the bathroom to be safe, usable and city approved. You have the potential to accidentally build an illegal bathroom, as funny as that sounds. Some code requirements are as simple as lavatory placement, is the toilet the right distance away from the sink, door, and cabinets? Other plumbing codes include the shower and tub size, proper drain and vent lines, copper lines, and spec prerequisites.

What About the Budget?

When planning a budget, be sure to include all plumbing specs in your calculations as these can make or break a proper renovation. Plumbing materials such as copper line can rack up a hefty price tag that can make you want to run away from a project, leaving it unfinished. It is always best to buy the exact amount rather than too little.

Involving Professionals

It can be difficult for the untrained eye to envision how drain pipes and vent lines will be installed in the walls. This is when it can be beneficial to get professionals in on the job.  Another Gold Coast plumber highly recommends the services for specific reasons, “If you go forward with only style in mind, it can lead to super detrimental code violations and lead to your shower not working, or your toilet not flushing.” Meeting all the codes ensures that the project can begin and end positively instead of in a mess of water and faulty piping. This company aims to look out for renovators and home builder’s best interest.

Get a handle on the Project

To properly take the makeover bull by the horns, means considering all the functional details rather than just the colour. There are so many tips and tricks, otherwise known as plumber’s gold, for getting the job done right and swift. “Winging it” won’t cut it for projects like this. Vents, drains, copper lines and general piping all require attention. If ever in a pinch, you can trust the plumbing at Gold Coast.

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What You Should Know when Choosing a Team of Removalists

Perth Removal Company

Maybe you have to spend a lot of time researching doctors before undergoing a medical procedure that could change your entire life, but should you really bother finding and comparing providers of removalist services before relocating to another city? We really think that you should. Here’s why.

As simple and straightforward as it may seem, a move can be a costly and stressful process, regardless of the time frame and distance that it involves. This is why you should plan every single detail of your upcoming relocation in advance, and take as much time as you need to look for competent, professional removalists in your area. If you’re interested in simplifying the selection process, here are three key aspects that you should focus on before drafting and signing a contract with a moving company.

Is The Removalist Company Reliable?

Start by asking questions related to the reputation of each company that you stumble across. Do they have what it takes to work with you within your established budget and time frame? Do they employ punctual, courteous workers, or do they hire amateurs who could make you wait for the van in front of your house for hours?

When searching for a reliable removalist company you should always give them a call and see what their customer services is like. This will give you a good indication of the quality of service they offer. I recently done this for a my chosen Perth Removalist, Perth Removalists WA with great results that lead to me choosing them for my move.

To find the most accurate answer to these questions simply go online and start looking for feedback and testimonials provided by previous clients. Also, as tempting as it may be to just book removal services online, make time for a face-to-face meeting before signing on the dotted line; this way, you will be able to follow your first instinct and choose the best team of removalists not only based on what they offer on paper, but also based on the way in which you interact with the people who are supposed to handle your personal effects.

Finding the best removalists

Are They Affordable?

Naturally, you should never overlook the financial aspect of your move, especially considering that a fresh start in a new dwelling will always trigger a series of unpredictable expenses. Therefore, discuss all the details of your relocation with your preferred removalists and make sure you get the best quote. Before your meeting with the moving company representatives you will have to know the size and type of your move (interstate, local or regional), the type of contents that you have to deliver, your preferred packing arrangements (self-packing, or packing with help from removalists), plus the moving dates that would work best for you.

Are They Really Offering You a Good Deal?

Last but not least, do everything in your power to make sure that you squeeze more value from every small service that you pay for. For instance, why pay full-price for full service, when back-loading is a viable option worth considering? Sometimes, you could make the most of a advantageous moving arrangement by opting for a standard plan and counting on the support of friends and family who could help you pack and unpack your things.

At the end of the day, you should choose the level of service that makes more sense to you from a practical and financial point of view, and customise each feature to meet your specific needs and expectations.

Adding Shutter To Your Windows Can Save Money

Do you feel like you’re getting a shock each time you look at your electric bill? They are soaring and giving homeowners headaches. But this doesn’t need to happen because a little research on window treatments will give you simple ways to help lessen some of the costs. And the best part is, it doesn’t take a great deal of renovation.

Roller Shutter Installation

Why do we consider window treatments?

The design and location of your windows can help your home have natural light cutting down on lighting costs. Add to it some window coverings so costs will be lessened even more. In wintertime, you can lower heating costs with the correct window treatments and be warm and toasty. While in summertime, your window treatments should keep warm air out to lower air conditioning usage.

Consider some of these:

Which one to choose?

  1. Awnings – If your windows are facing South or West, then put awnings to reduce heat by up to 75% during summer. Today’s awnings are manufactured with synthetic fabrics that are water-proof to resist mildew. In winter, retractable awnings allow sunlight in to naturally heat a room. Light-coloured awnings will reflect more sunlight than darker colours.
  2. Shades – They are the simplest and most effective energy saver. Dual shades are more efficient for heat reflection on one side (the lighter colour) and on the other side, for heat absorption (the darker colour) and can be reversed on different seasons. The reflective side should face the warmest side. There are so many shade styles and designs to choose from that are both pleasing to the eyes and highly functional.
  3. Blinds – They come in different kinds like pleated, Venetian or Roman, or vertical. They all prevent heat from entering your home. Interior blinds are attached inside the house and are useful during summer when you can control the amount of sunlight coming in. The exterior blinds are made of aluminium, steel, or a combination of both and wood. If partially lowered, it can give enough shade and regulate the temperature and atmosphere inside your room.
  4. Shutters – Shutters give you many advantages. They give your home a higher resale value because of its beauty. They also are good at allowing sunlight and air inside the house. Roller shutters can be interior or exterior, but for great thermal use, install the exterior ones. If properly designed and installed, these exterior roller shutters will give you great window insulation and provide protection from storms. For the interior shutters, place them in areas where you can adjust them during daytime. You can have a combination of roller shutters and draperies for added insulation.

By choosing the right window treatment, energy usage will be maximised at a lower cost. But you need to identify the right one for you that will suit your home and your budget. It’s really not that hard but if you do need help, you can always call the experts to help transform your home into an energy efficient and cosy abode without spending a fortune each month.

Closed Roller Shutters

If your looking to save money, this is a great way to achieve it. Keeping the sun out in the hotter months, and the warmth in over the colder insures your gas and electricity bills don’t get to high.

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Decorative Concrete Overlay Can refresh Your Driveway in a Flash

Pool Deck resurfacing with Stencil Concrete Overlay

Owning a home is a never-ending job that you love to do…most days. You can repaint the interior and exterior, learn about repairs and tend to the landscaping and gardening all on your own but when it comes to repaving the driveway, it’s one of those things you need to call the professionals about. Take the opportunity to find a spray on paving contractor that can refinish your driveway in record time.

The Benefits of Spray On Concrete Vs. Poured Concrete

There’s a difference between having to refresh your driveway and having to completely redo it and that’s where the benefits of one method vs. the traditional come in handy. Learn the ways that each process could work for you and your project so you can make an effective decision for your home.

  1. Poured concrete creates a deep slab for a large area, so if you want to completely repave your driveway or make it wider, this method will do nicely but it could take weeks for the entire project to be finished, a lot of noise, and time that you can’t use your driveway at all.
  2. Cracks or chips in an otherwise smooth driveway can be smoothed over without the use of poured concrete. Spray on technology allows for refinishing that takes no time at all and looks excellent.
  3. A contractor can inform you of spray on methods and how they can be finished beyond what a regular poured concrete driveway would look like.
  4. Add a walkway to the driveway up to your front door or around to the back without having to pour concrete and wait for it do dry. The finishing methods can be done with the same swift completion.
  5. Refresh the entire exterior. You’d be surprised how refinishing the driveway with a fast and easy method makes the entire home exterior look better. The driveway is the first thing people see when they pull up to your house. Make their jaws drop from that second before they ever even see the house.

Close up of texture given by decorative concrete application

Outdoor Decor

The best thing about Spray On Decorative Concrete is the many ways that your contractor can create designer patterns and stenciled designs that match your outdoor decor, making everything shine as you can see on this Decorative Concrete Contractor’s website. Your patio furniture, landscaping, and gardening were all chosen with great care so why not also the paving that leads up to it all. Every time you step onto your personalized pathway, you’ll know that each part of your home is bright with the details you chose. 

Driveway with new spray on concrete design

Enjoy Your New Driveway Faster Than Ever

Once you decide to refinish your driveway and you call the contractor, you’ll be itching to see the finished product. Spray on technology allows you to enjoy your new driveway faster than you imagined without sacrificing any of the aesthetics. You’ll have a wider variety of finishes to choose from and you’ll be able to personalize the way things end up in whatever way you like. Don’t settle for simply redoing the driveway in the same plain way you’ve always had it done. This time, do something you’ll really love.

Home Decor Storage For Seasonal Renovation

Storing Home Decor while renovating

Every season has it’s own colour scheme and symbolism and homeowners like you enjoy celebrating each turn with new home decor that puts you in the spirit of every holiday the seasons come with. All of those items take up space, though, and storing them can become a hassle when your home has a finite amount of storage space. Let’s face it, you’re not going to put an extension on the house just for storing seasonal home decor items. Every time you renovate your home or use new decorations to make your home brighter, you can do so with the idea that you’re not cluttering up your home again.

Temporary Renovations

Seasonal decor items are the types of decoration that may require a bit of temporary renovation. Instead of worrying about the holes you’ll put in the walls or stripping paint off of areas where you use adhesives, learn how to temporarily renovate each time so that you don’t put extra wear and tear on your home.

  • Keep some spackle handy. You can use it to fix holes that you put into the walls with home decor items or if any accidents happen when moving things around
  • The paint you used on your walls might be a custom made colour. Have some extra on hand so that you can touch up paint that chips or is damaged.
  • Invest in some furniture sliders. They slip underneath the legs of furniture to move them easily without scratching up floors
  • Look into buying a carpet steamer or floor buffer. While your moving things around for seasonal decoration, you can take the opportunity to refresh the floors as well.

Changing the little things may also make you want to change some bigger things as time goes by. If you have the tools and skills you need, you can do a lot of the renovation on your own.

Storing Seasonal Items

While you may not be willing to build an extension onto your home to store your seasonal home decor items, you might consider renting a storage space. Doing this means packing up and organising the different items you use for each seasonal turn. There are a few tips to follow for storing these items in a locker away from your home:

  • Use plastic storage bins instead of cardboard boxes that can be sealed and reused year after year.
  • Label each box appropriately and clearly or use colour-coded boxes for the different seasons.
  • Choose a storage facility that uses temperature-controlled units to keep your items safe while they’re in storage.
  • Protect family heirlooms and breakable items with bubble wrap and paper as well as packing them carefully before you put them in storage.
  • Be careful how you stack boxes in the storage locker. Always put heavier items on the bottom and the lighter and more fragile items on top.

Stay Updated on Home Decor and Renovation Trends

A savvy decorator like you wants to be able to keep up with what’s trendy and renovate your home in the most updated styles. Follow home decor blogs online and talk to friends who also love to decorate about what’s new in the world of renovations, even if they’re only temporary. You’ll have a never ending supply of inspiration for your imaginative and creative home decor projects for every season.